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Banana Toast-I made this for Graham at 7 months old. It was simple to do and he seemed to like it, ate a few bites each time I gave it to him (which was what he was doing with most food at this point)

"The Finger of God" in Teresópolis - Rio de Janeiro. Finger of God is a peak at 1692 m altitude at the top, and whose outline resembles a hand pointing the finger at the sky. It is one of several geological monuments of the Organ Mountains, a region understood sector of the Serra do Mar - between the cities of Petropolis, Teresopolis Guapimirim and in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

6. Foreshortening: Foreshortening is the way of turning an object in such a way that it looks shorter than it actually is. The employment of this element in this work is obviously in the finger pointing at the viewer. It is drawn shorter than it actually is so that it makes sense to the eye.

Gotta love the ones who are condescending, self righteous, point fingers and criticize, yet call themselves Christians. It's called being a hypocrite. Some people are quick to judge, condemn and reprimand, but they can't ever look at themselves and their behaviors

from Madeline Scribes

I SEE mean people

Interesting. Did it ever occur to you that YOU are the root of your problems? You're quick to point fingers at his wrongs, but maybe if you had been a better person...