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from Quartz

Photos: Baltimore citizens protecting police

This is what protesters look like....protesting the utter mistreatment and abuse of their officers and their city by thugs. These people are heroes.

Since Obama was elected in 2008, gun and ammunition sales have surged to historic highs. Perhaps if Obama is really concerned about the proliferation of firearms, he should resign.

The Venerable Pierre Toussaint was born into slavery in Haiti, Pierre brought to New York but later freed. He became a popular hairdresser. He founded an orphanage, helped blacks gain their freedom and was extremely generous to the poor. Venerable Pierre is on the way to becoming North America’s first black saint.

That's the truth guys. The average you get killed by a Police men is eight times more than getting killed by a terrorist

from Daily Intelligencer

Bernie Sanders for President? Why Not Try a Real Socialist for a Change.

The manager at Portofino’s of Lexington (Kentucky) assaulted and robbed two African-American teens Saturday night while he was supposed to be working at the restaurant. According the teens and some witnesses the manager also called them “niggers.” According the Lexington Police, Portofino employees confronted a group of teen that entered restaurant to charge their phones