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Despite injuries in hand to hand combat captured enemy bunker. Courage & Devotion to duty Awarded #IndianArmy #Army

Crowfoot - Blackfoot (Siksika) - circa 1885 | Crowfoot was a warrior who fought in as many as 19 battles and sustained many injuries. Despite this, he tried to obtain peace instead of tribal warfare. When the Canadian Pacific Railway sought to build their mainline through Blackfoot territory, negotiations with Albert Lacombe convinced Crowfoot that it should be allowed. Wikipedia

Staff Sergeant Romesha, Clinton L. Photo - America's most recently decorated Medal of Honor recipient; Afghanistan

Chief White Bull: 1849 – 1947. He was the nephew of Sitting Bull and participated in the Battle of the Little Big Horn. Some believe he killed Custer. Prior to becoming a combatant against Custer, White Bull was already an accomplished fighter. He had taken part in at least 20 battles, against the US Army and other tribes. White Bull was shot on two occasions, in addition to other injuries received in battle, he also underwent the torturous Sun Dance more than once.

There's no stopping Alia Bhatt, despite injury actress takes a metro ride with Varun.

There's no stopping Alia Bhatt, despite injury actress takes a metro ride with Varun.

James Arness~ U.S. Army WWII, He received a Purple Heart after suffering serious injuries to his right leg during the 1944 invasion at Anzio, Italy. His injuries left him hospitalized for almost a year.

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Musketeers are armed with either a matchlock or doglock musket. In a Civil War regiment of foot they tended to be 2/3rds of the total number of men. Muskets were muzzle loading weapons which fired a 3/4oz lead ball. The injuries inflicted by these projectiles were terrible; as one observer noted at the first battle of Newbury: 'It was somewhat dreadful ... to wipe the brains and bowels from our faces as we advanced...' The English Civil War (1642–1651) was between Roundheads & Cavaliers.

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apache indian culture | Nalte and Gud-i-zz-ah were just two of the many White Mountain Apache ...

andrew jackson | Andrew Jackson Biography – 7th U.S. President Timeline & Life