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Musical Tree of Life*** (scheduled via

Not sure that there really is a 'legal' way to download music without paying for it. Unless you go to bandcamp and an artist has a pay what you want that starts at $0.

from Abbe Buck's Blog (pre-book)

Music Heals, 3

Agreed. It basically completes me and gives me so much inexplicable joy and motivation. :)

green day,nirvana,the red hot chili peppers,the offspring,the who,the sexpistols,the ramones,the clash,and this comment is getting long so ect.

You think it's just music? Come tell me to my face that it is JUST MUSIC and see what will happen to your face. It won't be pretty <3 oh and side note if you ever rip out my ear buds while I am listening to music just know that you will be dead faster than you can say help. LOVE U.... (Damn that escalated quickly)