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"I am a graphic design major and computer science minor with no experience in the real world whatsoever however I take pride in myself for being able to be so fortuitous. My life is pitifully uneventful; I don't have any bad things going on in my life so I guess I am grateful for that. I love Rebecca Black the creator of Steven Universe who has also done a lot of other cool things like Adventure Time. She has inspired me so i want to inspire people the same way she did with me."


Writing advice…

I would so love to write a book, or maybe just a little something like a perspective of someone.

Major #womancrush @paigehathaway is a massive inspiration to me and I love following her journey on Insta snapchat and YouTube . I love following hardworking female athletes/bloggers/health stars not because the are '#goals' but because I love the stories they share the time they take to share their knowledge with their followers their personal journeys and just their drive to actually be doing what they love as their job. It's incredibly inspiring and motivating to see and be a part of . I…

Don't spend major time with minor people. If there are people in your life that continually disappoint you, break promises, stomp your dreams, are too judgmental, have different values, and don't have your back during difficult times... there are not your friends. To have a friend, be a friend. Sometimes in life as you grow, your friends will either grow or go. Surround yourself with people who reflect your values, your goals, your interests, and your lifestyle. Remember...❤️

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100 Inspirational Quotes That Will Give You Strength During Hard Times

Feeling sad and depressed? it's ok we totally understand how that feel and we now provide you with 100 inspirational quotes in this articles. you can save and read whenever you need!

Huang chueng | MRG L... this art work is incredible i will be experimenting with this in my final major project i will experiment with things like this and using other animals and other things. i can take the creativity and the illustration side of it .