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This is literally the best thing ever. Like "No Jack fantasy stories can't have lamps" "Oh yeah? BAM. Major plot point centered around a lamppost.

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BLESS IT // The dark has the potential to bring you into immense light. I think of my life 10 years ago even 5 years ago and who I thought I was. Such pain I carried around I feel like I'm continually being "cracked open" but there are major events I can recall that were significant moments of ah ha. They felt like the end of the world. They felt like death... They were a dying in a sense and thank god for it. These moments of deep pain and drowning are not the end just a push to deeper…

#INTJ: If I don't like what I read from you, you are automatically defaulted to "get the f*** away from me" status. That won't change, unless your energy does.