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The Minimalist - The Secret of Great Bread - Let Time Do the Work - NYTimes.com

For some great minimalist architectural photographs, check out this series by Christopher Domakis. The German photographer definitely satiates our ongoing need for clean, geometric imagery, capturing color and precision in the stark interior shots.

Organize, declutter, and minimalize your life: 5 ways to cut the digital clutter so you can truly have a minimalist lifestyle. #frugallifestyle Frugal Lifestyle

Deleting, Editing and Refining your online world! In stage 1 on The Minimalist Life Cleanse, we focused on cleansing the home. Now, we look at cleansing your virtual home. Getting rid of everything that clutters your online space with irrelevant information, and fills your mind with stuff that is neither inspirational or interesting to you, thus building a more fruitful and fulfilling and yet simple online world.

concrete benches http://www.designsponge.com/2014/09/before-after-a-calgary-kitchen-gets-the-minimalist-treatment.html

Your home can collect clutter amid a busy life, but taking a morning or an afternoon to re-assess your space, can lead to much less stress in the long-run. An ordered space which works well for your needs will not require as much maintenance.

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