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Funny tumblr post << It's smart because if it weren't in a bottle, it would spill on the ground and evaporate in the sun

I freaking hate when teachers have a "participation grade". I have social anxiety and every time I see that, I freak out.

This was an amazing movie, he was absolutely hilarious in it as well XD

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this would happen, you all know it would.

The whole first season basically happened because Aang wanted to see a bunch of random crap... it was awesome! :)

11x08 Just My Imagination [gifset] - "She's got Sparkle on her face!" - Linda Berman, Sam & Dean Winchester and Sully; Supernatural - this was by far my favorite scene, I have a bunch more edits to share that I won't be able to get to right now. XD

And this is why I love Leo. He's a little like Grover, except Grover is perfectly sweet and Leo is sometimes just a sad little third wheel.