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tøp lyrics

Oh won't you stay alive? I'll take you for a ride, I will make you believe you are lovely!>> YES YOU KNOW ABOUT REGIONAL AT BEST!!!!!!!

My family was playing a game on topics like "Name bands" and my step sister says "That one dude who sings heathens" and I hear her so I dart out of my room and scream "tWENTY ONE PILOTS." then I whisper "Jishwa and smol bean... bean bean"

tyler: don't touch my fren josh: don't touch me>>he's wearing his jacket backwards...that's just so Tyler!!


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Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph cleaning the floor , this is so sweet because they are still so down to earth that they will clean the floor instead of asking a cleaner to do it for them ... This is one of the many reasons why I love them ❤️

Without his uke or piano Tyler just goes insane with his body and I think it's really great because it shows how into his music he really is


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Meet 19 year-old Rylie. After several years of mental manipulation and abuse, she left her house in Montana to begin a new life in Ohio. After one terrible nig...

twenty one pilots Chili Cookoff Richmond International Raceway Richmond, VA April 2013 I was there and they were amazing(: