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LOL! i love the humor on Dr. Who

When do something on your end of the phone and the other person knows EXACTLY what you just did and yet you deny it anyways.

I know this is from Torchwood/Doctor Who universe but it's funny in terms of Merlin

How Gaius does medicine xD (Doctor Who- The Doctor Dances, I believe)

Some nerd humor for the premiere of the new Doctor Who season tomorrow.

Some nerd humor. I love the IT Crowd. Doctor Who and IT Crowd mashup.

If you don't understand your whovian license is being taken away YES I AM THAT EXCITED

I see what you did there. It would be funny if someone said, on a scale from William Hartnell to David Tennant how excited are you for Doctor Who, Matt Smith

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David changed his mind Matt. Hand over the bowtie and no one gets hurt.

When they found Dwayne Johnson’s new role. | 21 Tumblr Posts That Prove “Doctor…

When they found Dwayne Johnson's new role.

“If the Weeping Angels started a band it would be Don’t I love puns and all, but that was just too much.