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Not to get into politics here or anything, but I think this is funny no matter which candidate you supported.

RUSH: The substance of Barack Obama, not his likability, not his articulation, not anything about his presence -- his policies, the stuff that matters -- was sent packing. That's what he's trying to cover-up. That's what he's trying to deflect.

If you don't like them, that's fine, I won't judge you or anything. Just please don't judge me for liking them

Loved, we loved like there was no tomorrow. I'd give anything to share that love with you forever, like nothing else mattered.

Agreed. So many people are disagreeing about faith, many ignore the gifts of the Spirit, and some misunderstand or refuse grace. Whatever denomination you are it's not about you it's about Jesus and what He did, let's never forget that kind of love.