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Portal de información y comunicación electrónico especializado en desarrollo rural boliviano como una base para convertirse en una oferta compleja y diversificada de comunicación virtual que incluya espacios interactivos abiertos al público. Especializada en Agricultura, Pecuaria, Agroindustria, Medio Ambiente y Forestal.

corn dolly- "Corn" is an agricultural term- meaning the main cereal crop of any area. In this case "corn" is wheat!

The Javan tiger has been completely eradicated since the 1980’s. Originating from the Indonesian island of Java, these tigers were relatively small in size with the average male weighing just 130 kilograms (Female was around 90 Kilograms). These tigers were destroyed due to heavy hunting and a shrinking jungle habitat (again thanks to ever expanding business and human needs). The Javan tiger population was down to around 24 tigers by the 1950’s and only 12-13 by the mid 1970’s. Despite some…

Six Ways Drones Are Revolutionizing Agriculture

Drones aren’t new technology by any means. Now, however, thanks to robust investments and a somewhat more relaxed regulatory environment, it appears their time has arrived—especially in agriculture.

Infographic: how raising milk goats and other farm animals from the World Vision #GiftCatalog can become a sustainable means by which a child, family, and even entire community can escape poverty!

28 Exceptional FFA Speech Topics

The colours and icons used with this design emphasis key elements which are considered to be the most important. However I do not like the cartoon appearance and within my own design wish to produce infographics using photographs.

Growing Food in a Drought

Drought conditions mean conserving water, but does that have to mean no garden? There are a number of tactics you can adopt to use less - or minimal - water in your food producing vegetable garden. Click through for ideas to inspire your eco-friendly drought garden!