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Sharing my mindset shift with you. Today, on my morning walk, I was annoyed (yup, I admit it) to see all of these leaves on the ground. It was making it difficult to walk on the sidewalk. Listening to one of my motivational audios, I decided to play a bit of a game with myself. What if (imagine this) those leaves were money? Singles, fives, tens and even hundred dollar bills all lying on the ground. There for me to take. As much as I wanted. Limitless! How cool would that be!

My children love playing with their playscapes. I’ve made each of them a few. Watching (or hearing) them playing in their felted woodland mossyness is a true delight for me… and well worth the time it takes me to put them together. They nurture such wonderful imaginative play with their tree stumps and flowers andIf you want to read here

hehe... reminds me of you. Like you are getting a day off from kids and dress yourself up all "incognito" and go to the local park and roll play/let your imagination take you away!! I imagine when strangers aproach you, you talk to them with an accent :D hehe. So cool!

but imagine playing tennis with harry and he's being a sore loser because you won...someone take this computer away from me

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Teacup Pincushion, w/basic instructions, but your imagination will take over...

#imagine playing games with Michael <<< I'm not any good but maybe he could teach me. :) ;)

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Just me and my pal imagination