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Lol. Now ladies and gentleman, that is a perfect example of how not to ask a girl to a ball/dance!

This is a comparison I made between Marrissa Meyer's Book Cress, which is part of a series called the lunar chronicles and is based of Rapunzel, and the original Grimm Fairytale it was based off of. I thought that I caught all the parallels when I first read it but there were so many I didn't realize till I read the original and seeing as Rapumzel is my favorite princess I thought this was pretty epic. So I hope this helps you have an even better viewpoint of Cress.

Cinder would be watching like WTF?? and Cress would still be stuck on the shirt thing, her face burning red.

*shoves books in persons face* READ THEM AND CRY WITH ME

Rampion Gang's kids finding out the harsh truths of what really happened during the Lunar rebellion

The Lunar Chronicles! The teeny bunny is Cress!