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make snowbags

make snowbags

Pool noodles are one of the most versatile items ever made. It seems like every time I’m looking on Pinterest I see a new use for them that’s completely genius. What’s really awesome about them is that they are cheap! You can buy them at the dollar store for only $1. It doesn’t get muchContinue Reading...

7 Outdoor Pool Noodle Games

Pool noodle games for kids carnivals or backyard play. Requires duct tape, pool noodles, rebar or bamboo stakes. Quick to make, easy or no set-up and semi-permanent.

take pictures of husband shoveling

take pictures of husband shoveling

Miss Young's Art Room: 4th Grade Value Snowy Landscapes

Talvinen maisema --- Another great idea for teaching value using shades and tints. The original poster of this project, art teacher Jessica Young, gives a great explanation of the steps and tips she used with her fourth-grade students.

In Art class, 3rd graders reviewed different types of lines; horizontal, vertical, zigzag, diagonal, dotted, dashed, and curved. They used different types of lines to draw the snowmen that you see. Next, 3rd graders reviewed the warm colors (red, orange,

warm/cool color bkgrnd snowman winter portraits - love this for after Christmas

what a fun self portrait idea!  Trace your hands & feet, and then draw the rest of yourself.

Have kids trace their hands and feet on an 18 x 24 piece of paper. Then have them draw in and color the rest of their bodies to look like they are falling in space. Use our Infinity Markers for this fun project.