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We lose sleep over it. We sleep better with it. It is (and should be) the furthest thing from a trend and yet it’s the coolest, best, most fulfilling thing out there. LOVE (old love is sweet love) I cannot wait to grow old with the love of my life.

(open rp) I walk outside of the orphanage and I draw a picture of my mommy I get right where her tummy is "mommy. please come back to me. I love you. and I know deep in your heart you loved me" I start to cry and I can bearly get my words out but I do "mommy I love you. come back to me please! I start to cry in a little ball on the ground in even harder. but then Someone walks up to me and sits down next to me

Love for a lifetime : ) i pray my children always love their mates the way their dad has always loved me.