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Don't let your own worst enemy live in between your ears. Stop yourself from stopping yourself.

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Mia ran her hand across Zack's face one more time. "Are you sure your okay?" She asked as he winced as her finger came to a rest on his bruised cheek. He nodded. "You've got to stop getting into fights like this." She said. "We had what we needed." She sighed wiping blood from his lip. "Shut up. I was defending your honor." He said with a slight smirk. She tutted softly. "I'm glad you're okay." She paused thinking over what to say next. "I'm glad you're alive

What a liberal loser. I could spend the rest of my life without watching a movie with Will Smith in it. And when are all these liberal celebrities who said they would leave America, if Trump won, going to start packing? If you don't want to live under America's laws, you need to find a country where you like their laws.

Not just I don't care, but I don't give two bleeps and you can go bleep yourself, is what was said.

Take that and stick it where the sun doesn't shine, "Mr. Sulu." Oh, my bad, almost forgot you'd like it that way! (>_<)

"I don’t wish they knew what it felt like to be me because nobody should ever have to feel like this… But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t wish I knew what it felt like to be them…" - Ranata Suzuki quote * missing you, lost, tumblr, beautiful,words, quotes, story, sad, breakup, broken, heartbroken, loss, loneliness, depression, depressed, unrequited, anxiety, MS, multiple sclerosis, pain, autoimmune disease, living with ms, * Follow for original content