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Los Personajes: Antionio: Marido de Mariana, temido, malhumorado, 14 anoes mayor que Mariana, rico, vendidor de Meraneias (el unico)

14 Photos of True Love That Will Melt Your Heart

11. Emotion – love I want to still be in love when I get to this age

Congaree National Park

8. Emotion – peaceful Surrounded by the sounds of nature is always peaceful

Emotion-Love: This is the building that I got married in. It always reminds me of my husband and how much I love him.

Emotion-Energized: To me this says 'energy' in a very old fashioned but instantly recognizable sense.

Emotion-Peaceful: The peaceful serenity of Yoda reminds me that it's not always important to have boundless energy. Sometimes it's enough to simply be at peace and relax.

Peaceful: really peaceful

Indoor Location: This planetarium looks awesome and helps me think about the wonders of the cosmos.

Outdoor Location: The beauty of the canyon and the feeling of looking down and seeing the work of constant erosion, taking place over millions of wars is very cool.