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Los Personajes: Antionio: Marido de Mariana, temido, malhumorado, 14 anoes mayor que Mariana, rico, vendidor de Meraneias (el unico)


Once You See These 22 Epic Pictures, The Truth Will Smack You Right In The Heart. Wow.

11. Emotion – love Sweet and cute

from Cosmopolitan

14 Photos of True Love That Will Melt Your Heart

11. Emotion – love I want to still be in love when I get to this age

Emotion-Energized: To me this says 'energy' in a very old fashioned but instantly recognizable sense.

Emotion-Peaceful: The peaceful serenity of Yoda reminds me that it's not always important to have boundless energy. Sometimes it's enough to simply be at peace and relax.

from To Love, Honor and Vacuum

How to Talk to Your Husband: The 4 Kinds of Talk We Need in Marriage

Energized- My husband and family keep me energized.

Emotion-Peaceful: peace and the natural world go hand in hand for me.

El Ambiente: Una posada en el campo de Espana, cerca de Palomar.


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