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love to looking into your eyes, love to hear your voice, love to caress your skin, love to hold your hand, love to kiss your lips... LOVE YOU BEAUTIFUL. if you want to talk at all while you are gone, even if it is to not talk about us or our love... just talk to help you get through this weekend please, please get ahold of me. I am here for you always!

U guys should kno u r the reason im here and still alive cuz of all of u that jus need a nice word to hear or a friend im here for all of it to hlp u get thru the hard times and if u evr need someone to tlk to im open and wont judge

Terrifying and strange and beautiful

We can love who we are ; esp the ways in which we are intensely different from one another ; inwardly and externally

Did someone get this from inside my head... it's a little too perfect for what is actually going through my head at this point... one detail pending

Lovely sentiment to include in wedding vows or to display at reception

Daniel James Howell and Phillip Michael Lester. This is why they are my best friends. They are the sweetest and kindest most encouraging people I have ever seen. I do love you Dan and Phil, thank you for being there for me and telling me to keep going.