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First Grade Handwriting Chinese Foreign Language Drawing & Painting Worksheets: Writing Chinese Calligraphy: 'Home'

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ひらがなの進化 Evolution of Hiragana. Hiragana is a Japanese phonetic script that was developed sometime around the 8th Century (CE). Up to this time, the only writing system used in the country was a modified version of Chinese characters (called kanji in Japanese).

Samaritan - The Samaritans were a Mesopotamian people that migrated to and settled in Palestine during the first half of the 1st millenium BCE. They adopted Jewish culture, starting at the 6th century BCE. The Samaritans continued to use their alphabet even though Old Hebrew became replaced with the Aramaic-derived Jewish (or Hebrew) script. In time, their script evolved into a distinctive form called the Samaritan script.