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#MaryJoMinute: Everyone gets angry, but not everyone argues, rages and fights. Anger is an honest emotion and it’s important to acknowledge as well as feel. However, uncontrolled anger is harmful and kills many innocent people each day. Learning to control your anger involves being in touch with your feelings and able to explain why you feel angry. When you understand what’s underneath your feelings of anger you can fix the situation rather than rage against it. #AngerManagement

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Why A 'Married Hall Pass' Won't Fix Your Intimacy Issues

Married Hall Pass; Is it cheating? This article has expert advice for what causes cheating and affairs. Don't put off talks about married sex life with your partner. Mary Jo; a licensed intimacy sex psychotherapist offers excellent tips to help.

Women traveled from as far as 700 miles away to attend this year's "Your Heart's Desires" divorce recovery conference at United Methodist Church of the Resurrection in Leawood.

Why women go gaga over #Dadbodies #Transparency #RealMenRealBodies

Post sex depression affects 10% of the population. What to ask yourself and how to find help. #HealthySexandIntimacy

#AskMaryJo why do women constantly feel as though their man isn't listening to them? #Fox26 #communication

Re-thinking your marriage? Feeling stuck? There are more options than divorce.…/does-your-marriage-need-a-ye…/ ‪#‎MarriageHope‬

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Fighting Fair Made Easy In Six Easy Steps

Fighting Fair made easy in six easy steps Fighting doesn't lead to break up or divorce unless you insist on fighting dirty. Learn how to fight fair, and an argument can bring you closer rather than leave you feeling more distant from your partner.

It takes more than showing up to be a great Valentine. This article can help you with five ideas of how to be great Valentine to your partner.