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I love Paganini Brushes..

Simple Plan - Welcome To My Life (Official Video) - YouTube ---- this is the song I listen to when I'm feeling down. the namesake of my blog and a huge sentimental value.

What is Simple Living? My Vision for a Simpler Life. Minimalism. Decluttering. Intentional living. Life with less. Slow living.

When My Simple Life Isn't So Simple - Excepting That I Don't Have To Do It All ~ A Chick And Her Garden

F#%$& The Simple Life - I love My Overly Complicated Life - Do you dream about retiring and only lying on a hammock? or do you wish to make it?

Just six short years ago we were running the same rat race many Americans are today. We were working 60 hour weeks, trying to pay for things we didn’t need. A big house, too many cars, and large credit card debt resulting from the must-have mentality we were living by.

I remember part of our chores on my grandma's farm was to help grandma weed the huge vegetable garden.

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