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Plush Celestial Buddies

Plush Planets | Sure, you know about all of the planets and are a real space buff, but as much as you love all of the planets in our solar system, you just wish that you could cuddle up with them at bedtime. Well, now you can thanks to these Plush Planets.

This is funny, but I have been thinking. Don't the angels identify as male and female? And when Cas had said in The Third Man that he spent the last year as a "multidimensional wavelength of celestial intent," I wonder if that meant he actually left his vessel for some time? I don't know. But the angels seem to identify with seemingly gender-specific names anyway...but nonetheless the vessel Cas chose is male and that is going to be taken into account on the viewer's part. Solar System Plush - Planet Jupiter Stuffed Toy by Celestial Buddies: Toys & Games