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Burnout Tank. Workout Tank. Half Marathon Mommy. 13.1 Miles of peace and quiet. Marathon shirt. gift for mom. women's gym shirt. gym tank

Burnout Tank. Workout Tank. Half Marathon by strongconfidentYOU, $21.00

Brand Spankin' New: Mother Daughter Jewelry Gift Sets

And our sons too! Be a parent not a friend raise them right!

My dog is always trying to train me. She woke me up at 4am just to give her a belly rub. She refuses to go outside for walks when it's hot out, but if I manage to get her out, she stops every five minutes to lay in the shade.

Sometimes we all need a little harsh reality to put it all into perspective....

Sounds familiar. We arentn her to support you cause you dont know how to think of anyone else but yourself or be a responsible adult.. you dont deserve it, we do it all for our kids while you thrive off our m ok new but dont use it for thwm or your bills. News flash child support is for the children!!!!!

Any large dog needs an owner with knowledge about controlling their dog. Train yourself and your dog. Any dog large or small should be on a leash in public. Any child needs to be watched around any animal, kids need to be trained to nice to animals too. Love me some pitbulls!!!

Eradicate Ignorance. I truly believe that Bully breeds are some of the most amazing, loyal and loving dogs in the world..That being said they are also a breed that needs love, training and a strong pack leader..