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New Extremism Poem Ms Pantsuit by Leah Mueller This is your formal invitation to please fuck off at your earliest convenience. On second thought, take as much time as you need: leaving should be a slow process,

BlogNostics is currently accepting submissions that explore the concept of extremism. Give us your impressions of the place where the ride leaves the rails, where the mindset of chaos becomes the option of choice. Extremism ex·trem·ism ikˈstrēˌmizəm/ noun the holding of extreme political, ideological, or religious views; fanaticism.

Fracture lines in search of fault, left unfixed. Breakdown of Order by Gary Beck, new on BlogNostics.

Information Gap by Gary Beck

Crow Banquet by Leah Mueller The meek inherit what’s left. Explore this in “Crow Banquet” by Leah Mueller, new on BlogNostics.

Arab cultural traditions have made poetry a potent tool for promoting extremism, according to research by Oxford academic

Binge pessimism can leave a nasty hangover. Explore this in “The Division” by John Toivonen.

Think you're escaping and run into yourself. Longest way round is the shortest way home.” ― James Joyce, Ulysses ― The Brexit is to your right. Ex Deus - The Machine is Broken by David Seth Smith

Joker in the deck or the deck full of jokers? Explore the political season of unreason with Craig Kurtz in Trumpenproletariat.