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Williamsburg Osage Orange Cone - Consists of cone-shaped wooden form 10 inches high, 5 inches wide at the base, and 2 1/2 inches wide at the top (available through Colonial Williamsburg), flat magnolia leaves, small osage oranges (which are also called hedge apples), sprigs of variegated English holly, and sprigs of boxwood for filer

Christmas in Colonial Williamsburg, 2012: Wreath with 3 kinds of apples (lady apples, pineapples, & hedge apples) More:

Christmas Decorations in Colonial Williamsburg

I just love decorating--all styles-- but for myself and my own home I lean towards the french country and scandanavian decorating styles...always with a touch of the bohemian...after all...this girl has a gypsy soul....

Mélange: Williamsburg porch described here: The center wreath is made up of pine greenery with dried artichoke and the pebbled, grainy looking Osage orange or "hedge apple". A few of those grey spiny puffballs are scattered in with dried flowers, a mixture of dark raspberry and light pink color. I do believe there are two small pineapples at the top of this one and several very long sticks of cinnamon.