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This photo shows a child sleeping on a fire escape in the Bronx. This child is homeless and it is just so sad that this child doesn't have a roof over their heads to be able to sleep comfortable at night. I do not believe any child should live this way.

from Let Why Lead

Capturing the Heart of Your Family through HONEST, Authentic Photography

HONEST, Authentic Family Photography | "When I pick up my camera, I often find myself ignoring all the rules of photography beyond basic composition and exposure, and I shoot my children as my heart sees them instead."



I like the idea of getting some Shots of our loved ones as the toasts are being given

Lifestyle Photography Challenge- I SO want to get better at capturing my kids exactly as they are.

The barbed wire in this photo add the formal element of line. This picture also uses the rule of thirds as both of the faces are a third of the way vertical or horizontal

Legendary photography Gregory Crewdson works within a photographic tradition that combines the documentary style of William Eggleston and Walker Evans with the dream-like vision of filmmakers such as Stephen Spielberg and David Lynch.


: wandering blue :

in the morning...too bad so many of these moments as a mother aren't photographed. i have often wished for photos of "routine" things I've done...often in the dark (cuddles, singing, rocking, pacing)