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Sunflowers near Lawrence, KS-Just took a day trip here, but, unfortunately the sunflowers don't look like this because of the drought--maybe next year!

Allison - this is just what I found at the wholesaler today. We can customize by special ordering the colors and flowers you want. I added yellow, because I know you like the billy balls and I think sunflowers could add a nice touch to the reception area. I also think you could just use sunflowers for the wedding ceremony.

Mayfield's Sunbright bouquet is the perfect gift for someone in the hospital or someone who doesn't feel good in general. It's also great for Sunflower lovers. These long lasting flowers are so bright and cheerful that you can't help but smile when you look at them!

I know what you’re thinking… What the hell I’m not eating a salad for breakfast like what. Normally I would agree, but this salad is the bee’s knees and they serve them in my favorite restaurant right across from my house in Arizona. Here is what’s inside: Finely shredded kale Quinoa Red grapes (halved) Sunflower seeds Red peppers Romano cheese Hard boiled egg (sliced) Lemon zest + EVOO dressing It’s the egg that makes it feel like breakfast and it makes you ridiculously full. Do yourself a…

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Yellow & Purple Sunflower Peace Sign Wreath / Natural Grapevine Peace Sign Wreath / Hippie Style / Teen Decor / Dorm Decor / Boho / Retro

Here is a really pretty combination of vibrant gold and deep purple mini sunflowers along with a smoky purple catty-nine tail. For me this is a style that evokes that warm feeling of Autumn or late Summer. I really like the wood on this wreath, it has such cool characteristics, as only Mother Nature could design..awesome! These Peace Sign Wreaths make wonderful gifts..Housewarming, Teen Room, College Dorm or Just Because!! This will be wonderful on a door, wall or mirror. This wreath makes…

Herbs that are good for hair: hibiscus-marshmallow root. A-I have far too many oils, butters and Ayurvedic herbs at present and I find myself routinely motivated to buy new ones. So I've decided to use up all of my current stock before buying anything new. That's my new rule. In an effort to get rid of some of my plainer oils like sunflower and extra virgin olive oil, I've decided to create oil blends with herbal infusions. I love herbal infusions and I am far more likely to use those up…

I wanted to try a “raw” look with no fondant cover… I like this look a lot and this is my first time attempting to just ganaching a cake without adding anything (just like if I had to make it ready to be covered with fondant). I still need to work on the edges though… I also wanted to add sunflowers because I have not yet tried any… So these are my first sunflowers!!! I like the overall look :-))