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The Ent is a symbol for America. As history can explain, the ents and america went unprovoked in a war involving the rest of the world for a long time. However, when oth are provoked and innocent members of the community are attacked, both ents and america too it upon themselves to engage in warefare-eventually helping in the defeat of the axis powers.

Right-wing Christian ‘expert’ on feminism insists that submitting to marital rape makes Jesus happy. Every fucking day I move more and more into an anti theist. Good job religious folks, you and your fables and sky daddy beliefs are doing this to me.

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The new 'Star Wars' canon: What's official in the current universe

Before you see The Force Awakens, here's a quick guide to the main movies, TV series, novels, and comic books that make up the official Star Wars universe.  THE NOVELS The area of the most rapid expansion, the canon novels dive deep into characters, settings, and ideas introduced in the films. Dark Disciple To track down Count Dooku, the Jedi Council turns to an unlikely pair, Jedi Knight Quinlan Vos and a Sith named Asajj Ventress.