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Eu vendo vc beijar outra boca

This is what happened at school everyone at my table told him i liked him and i kept hiding behind my computer and he kept staring at me XD IM DYING NOO NO NOOO

Yes. especially the hand holding!!! My biggest pet peeve is when boy friends and girl friends don't hold hands!!!

♡ Ohmygosh EVERY SINGLE THOUGHT written here goes through a girls mind EVERY SINGLE TIME she's near her crush...don't even lie, girls, this is the real deal.. ♡

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Now THIS is a man who knows what real love is. The fact that guys do this while they say they "love" their gf's makes me sad. You really love somebody the day you stop caring about other girls and only find ways to make the one you're with fall for you even more.

putting this in my pocket so I can be the best man I can be for the woman that I end up falling in love with and who is willing to trust me and give me hers :) #hopelessromantic

I'm gonna cry now. Why do I always fall in love with jerk bags who treat me like shit? Why can't I like a guy who acts like this? :'(