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"A one year challenge to create and live in clothing whose fibers are sourced from local farmers, designed by local artisans, and colored with local plant life... the challenge grows, the project now aims to reinvent our regional supply chain; connecting farmers and artisans for the purpose of bringing local, organic textile production to the forefront--and onto the skin of our community... stayed tuned for our clothing CSA... as we raise money for North America's first solar powered fiber…

Medieval and Early Modern England was especially known for its green dyes. The dyers of Lincoln, a great cloth town in the high Middle Ages, produced the Lincoln green cloth associated with Robin Hood by dyeing wool with woad and then overdyeing it yellow with weld or dyer's greenweed (Genista tinctoria), also known as dyer's broom.[39]

Deanna Deeds | hemoglobin sequence as plainweave | each base letter assigned to color: aqua=adenine, cerise=cytosine, gold=guanine, terra cotta=thymine | 4-shaft, 4-treadle