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You aren't wealthy until you have something money can't buy. -Garth Brooks

Develop inner skills of excellence and navigate through your most amazing life with more grace and ease.

Know true wealth is so much more than money and material possessions. Wealth is living a life filled with happiness, joy, love , fulfillment and passion. -Janelle Saar

Material things mean nothing! So thankful for my family!

It's your road, and yours alone, others may walk it with you but no one can walk it for you. -Rumi

Understand that you own nothing, everything that surrounds you is temporary, only the love in your heart will last forever.

Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. -Albert Einstein

Don't carry y our mistakes around with you. Instead place them under your feet and use them as stepping stones to rise above them!

To be a star, you must shine your own light and don't worry about the darkness, for that's when the stars shine brightest.

The solution will appear the moment you believe it exists.