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Supporters hold up "Bernie Sanders for President" signs during a rally of over 10,000 people in Madison, Wisconsin.

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Why Choose Bernie?

"When we reject science, we become the laughingstock of the world." --Senator Bernie Sanders ********* Go ahead and get on the Bernie Sanders bandwagon lol ... You will finally be doing something right with your life***** lol now be gone....

Dear Americans, please elect this man President, only the top 1% will ever regret that!!! #feelthebern #bernieorbust VOTE FOR BERNIE!

"Bernie Sanders is an extremely interesting phenomenon. He's a decent honest person. That's pretty unusual in the political system. Maybe there are two of them in the world." - Noam Chomsky

He's always fought for our war heroes, and he intends to keep doing so.

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The U.S. has more jails than colleges. Here’s a map of where those prisoners live.

Bernie Sanders, jobs not prison for young people. It just makes moral, economic and social sense. #FeeltheBern

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"For 30 years, I've been standing up for workers of this country, and I think I'm the only candidate who is prepared to take on the billionaire class, which now controls our economy and increasingly controls the political life in this country. WE NEED A POLITICAL REVOLUTION IN THIS COUNTRY." --Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders proved politician can make it this far without selling their souls.

It is NOW proven that this photo is Sanders. He marched in Selma that day along with MLK Jr. We are proud of Sanders lengthy years as an activist for social justice. We are proud of his longstanding record. We are disgusted by the HRC campaign deliberate smears & so is the photographer, Danny Lyon. #BernieSanders #FeelTheBern