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LaughWho doesn’t enjoy a good laugh, right? Guys totally dig girls who have a sense of humour. After sex, share a joke or say something that will make him laugh. Laughing together is a great way to get closer to each other.

Suggest a hot make-out spot: If all else fails and he’s (playing) dumb, say you know of a cool make-out spot. If he’s in, you’ll know from his expression. However, if he looks shocked, burst out laughing with an “I-was-only-joking” look.Image courtesy: © Thinkstockphotos/ Getty images

CuddleOkay, so this one goes without saying. Cuddling and spooning after sex is one of the best ways to let your partner know that you adore them. Who doesn’t like spooning after some forking, right? ;-)Don't Miss: 10 Ways to Take the Lead in the Bedroom

Good morning love!!! Waking up alone wanting you next to me.. needing to feel your warmth and the curves of your body as I get as close to you as I can... wanting to kiss your cheek and whisper I love you... just a dream I'm wishing would come true...