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龙艺术 dragon art, digital illustration When I see different pieces of art depicting some sort of monster meeting a woman in the wilderness like this painting, I come up with new ideas or a new perspective.

Knight with a sword ... who said chivalry is dead ... True men treat women with respect, and will step in when they need someone to stand beside them. Let her fight her own battle but never let her fall in battle.

Kai Canarbis encounters/contests the Cold Chaos Dragon for the first time ever in The books never mention what colour the Dragon is, but I believe it would either blue or white. He wouldn't be green, like Lord Gabbubunto, as he's a very different beast.

I wonder if this thought has ever, ever crossed his mind...to finally be rid of that presence. I wonder if he still even knows it's there. Not that he would give up the pleasure he receives from others's pain, of course...