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Flieg weit fort, lass dich nicht mehr zwingen. Flieg, bis Du abschütteln kannst Deine Schwingen. Flieg aus Deinem Engen Raum. Flieg zu mir, flieg zu mir... -John Ajvide Lindqvist, "Wolfskinder"

Ancient Finns, along with the most people of Siberia, considered the bear as a spirit of one's forefather. Bear is and has been a holy animal among Finno-Ugric people and their mythology. Now days it's a national animal of Finland.

(Open rp) "Watch this." Aaron smiled, I watched the pieces of paper slowly lifted off his hands and became airplanes. I laughed "How did you do that!?" The airplanes circled around him and then one landed on my hand. He smiled "Magic Alex, I used Magic."