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Best Places to Work in San Francisco (5-point scale): ▪ Facebook - 4.7 ▪ McKinsey & Company - 4.5 ▪ Riverbed Technology - 4.5 ▪ Bain & Company - 4.5 ▪ M. D. Anderson Cancer Center - 4.3 ▪ Google - 4.3 ▪ Edelman - 4.3 ▪ National Instruments - 4.2 ▪ In-N-Out Burger - 4.2 ▪ Boston Consulting Group - 4.2

If you're in a job search, consider developing an individual mission statement to describe yourself. That way, when asked “what are you looking for?” you’ll be able to have a good discussion. Start by listing your skills and abilities. Think about what you like best, what you do best and what interests you. Writing your own mission statement can help remind you of what you are doing and keep you focused. It’s easy to get distracted when time is passing and there’s no job in sight.

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19 high-paying jobs for people who don't like stress

19 high-paying jobs for people who don't like stress. Here's a handful: Computer and Information Systems Managers, Applications Software Developers, Actuaries, Computer Hardware Engineers, and Art Directors.

The newest in the "How I hire" series, from Mark H., Director of Product Management at LinkedIn. He says "Preparation will go a long way for anyone's interview. Know the business and products. Know the role. Know the people you're going to meet. It's apparent instantly who's done their homework."

If you're on the hunt for a new job, chances are saving your money isn't at the top of the list (so much as stretching it). But has ideas for saving money that may help. Among them: Keep track of every receipt for 30 days to see where you're spending and where you can easily cut back; Every time you buy a latte, put the same amount in a savings jar; and Eliminate one takeout or restaurant meal a month.

The fact that more people are gainfully employed in the US today has helped bolster housing market, but how much has housing recovery in turn helped employment? Since 2011, the U.S. has added more than 187,000 construction jobs, an increase of 2%. Mortgage brokers have seen 30% job growth. Home centers/furnishing stores: 3%. Bldg mat'ls: 4%. Hardware: 2%.

Three tips for how Millennials can save money now: ▪ Emergency savings: Have at least six months worth of living expenses saved up, just in case ▪ Retirement savings: Does your company match your 401(k) contributions? If so, put in the maximum. ▪ Have a plan: Want do you want out of your life in the coming years? A house? A car? Plan ahead.

Companies are planning a strengthened pace of hiring for accounting, finance, and IT professionals in the coming quarter.