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I love real and imperfect people, the people who aren't afraid, the people who are not worried what others think, the too-good for anybody people are not my kind of people

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I don't understand why people overlook John, John is just the greatest. John is the only one to have faced Jack in direct combat and NOT ONLY did he come out of it alive, he bashed Jack with a hammer and gave him a silly hat. Just... JOHN EGBERT, guys.

"Look, just leave me alone, okay?" I said sharply, slamming my locker so that it closed with a loud crash. The hurt look on her face made my heart sag inside my chest, mentally slapping myself for what I said. Marlo was only trying to help, and now I felt like a huge jackass. No-- correction, I am a huge jackass. At one point or another in my life - probably after my dad died- I suddenly stopped being nice. That makes me chuckle. I used to be nice, who would've thought?

I went grovery shopping and the clerk told me to take as many bouquets as I can hold in my arms. Ended up with 7. Went to the mall and handed them out to strangers. My last bouquet I handed to an older lady and she nearly cried examined every flower and gave me a hug. The look on her face I will never forget

This is Lorcan Sacamander he is the twin brother of Lysander Sacamander. He's a 6th year Gryfindoor. He's very nice and often flirty with the girls at hogwarts but kind of rude and nasty to the boys. He's got a record of moving from girl to girl, mostly dating them to get back at a guy who likes them. But none of the girls really believe that. Most of them are obsessed with him and his looks. He's got a small group of friends, mainly hanging our with his brother and the Quittitch team. If…