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How to be a dick in Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon


He will save us all…

He will save us all… video<< Nopenommer is the best name I've ever heard for a Bearded Dragon. One will be mine one day. I have an empty 40 gallon aquarium versus a tiny 20gallon. But noooo my finicky lizard prefers the smaller cage?!? Yup.


Two Lines Can Make Anything 3D

Two Lines Can Make Anything 3D - Wow! That actually works! It gives you a frame of "place" reference.


Maximum Overdrive Activated

Maximum Overdrive Activated. Running lizard gets nowhere fast gif

Natsu - Dragon Force I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of Natsu's anger (who hurt Lucy?!) WE WILL DIE!!!

from Wattpad

Serving Time(((Complete))) - Taking Care of Business

She blew a smoke ring that turned into a heart, and then she winked and pointed her tiny talons in a little wannabe-cowboy click, and it lit into thousands of tiny sparks that melted away quickly


A Gif That Doesn’t Fail To Put Me In A Good Mood

A Gif That Doesn’t Fail To Put Me In A Good Mood I love Toothless

“i’m not saying hello to a pink poodle ” gillyweed? gillyweed. #5 of 9 Hero SnapChibis (x) Available as a stickers/prints/etc. on RedBubble! (x) Commission Info | Instagram | DeviantArt | RedBubble

*takes a good five or so minutes getting the cheat sheet back* Oh... *screams and throws cheat sheet away*