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from The Artful Parent

How to Talk to Kids About Their Art

Do you find yourself saying an automatic "that's pretty" or asking "what is that?" when your child shows you her artwork? Here are some ideas for talking to kids about their art constructively (including some dos and don'ts). And if you have any more, please share!

a lot of my drawings might look similar for a bit. bear with me, I am working on putting motion into pictures and drawing folds in clothes. constructive criticism welcome in comments since I have no idea if I'm doing this stuff right because I teach myself. By @justghkohkay

A doodle I did in the car. by @Thellamas Feel free to repin (I don't know why you would since this sorta sucks but if you want to go for it) I appreciate constructive criticism so any way to fix it,put in comments :)