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Ever our spirit animal. Who remembers why an owl is part of our logo? #bellroy #bellroyhq #behindbellroy This magnifique pic via #pinterest.

I throw my Very Small around a lot as my commute carry switches between a backpack and panniers. I needed something to keep my coins and cards together and this wallet goes from stretched-to-its-limits to nearly-empty on a daily basis. The little owl is well-loved." - Mike Manager of IT. This is #mybellroy - Whats your story? To have your Bellroy featured in our feed simply shoot it and hashtag #mybellroy

This has to be one of the best #mybellroy pics we've seen! Our Note Sleeve enjoying the view over Mt Bromo in Java. Pic by: @simaun #bellroy #notesleeve

Diving into the weekend. What adventures will you be having? Pic by: @lifewithbenni #bellroy

There's nothing quite like getting an advanced birthday present. Especially when it looks like this. Pic by: @jasonyong_ #mybellroy #hideandseek

Super dense matcha scone anyone?! Digging this pic of our Travel Wallet and Card Sleeve via the very talented @euniceeunny #mybellroy #foodstagram

We love owls at our house and this burrowing owl is gorgeous! He is perfectly focus,there is beautiful bokeh behind and the rain is caught in motion. Love it.