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24 Hard Truths About Girls With Terrible Ex Boyfriends

24 Hard Truths About Being A Girl With Terrible Taste In Guys

Bad luck Jake…

Laughing so hard

Take a BERRY Break (39 photos)

I laughed so hard.

Walmart Called - Your Christmas Photos Are ready (24 pics) - Seriously, For Real?

A Bit Of A Realist

Why is nobody mentioning the person who said "be a butterfly"??? That's the best one!!! <<< beg to differ- if there were a unicorn one that wins. In my book the vets and country singer win.<<< or the one that says um... What are they called by Erin

The Best Running Song

Eimear, Irish, I'll probably like/reblog literally everything you post; it'll be great. My tag system is still a bit of a...

I can't stop laughing. It never gets old

requested hot sauce, handed mild sauce instead. so desperate, she screams yes and cries over mild sauce marriage proposal. mild sauce should not exist. Get your ass some catsup and a noose. this entire post makes me sad.

Illegitimate Child…


Laughed way too hard