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The first Germans in Amsterdam. The Netherlands, May 15th 1940.

Evacuee children, London, ca.1940

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18 WWII-Era Photos To Make You Believe In Love

18 WWII photos that make you believe in love again. Buzzfeed

Collecting aluminium - UK - World War II - 1940

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Bletchley Park

Enigma Machine - Enigma Machine During World War II, the Germans used the Enigma, a cipher machine, to develop nearly unbreakable codes for sending messages. The Enigma's settings offered 150,000,000,000,000,000,000 possible solutions, yet the Allies were eventually able to crack its code. By end of the war, 10 percent of all German Enigma communications were decoded at Bletchley Park, in England, on the world’s first electromagnetic computers. #NSA