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Your host for this event is the lovely… Ariadne Sassafrass- Energy Transformation Expert, Empowerment Coach and Access Consciousness Facilitator. I would love to invite you to a new possibility: that of creating a life from a place of consciousness.

Lynn is a “Transformational Life” Coach that teaches and facilitates several holistic modalities to empower the client to create and generate change in their own Life & Body.

Mag. Susanna Mittermaier, licensed clinical psychologist, psychotherapist, Radio Show host, Access Consciousness Facilitator, author of the New Book, Pragmatic Psychology- Practical Tools for Being Crazy Happy and worldwide speaker is creating a new paradigm with psychology and therapy, Pragmatic Psychology.

Kim & Veronica have 30+ years combined experience as facilitators, coaches, and speakers of consciousness. Although their niche is Wealth Consciousness, this is simply a doorway through which people’s Universes get blown apart… where one can choose, live and be what is actually True for them that exceeds the bonds of this reality!

Reiki symbols and their meanings are sacred. They can enhance the flow of life energy when used during a session These symbols can also open doors...