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Isn't amazing how God creates something so very beautiful that only lives for such a short time. Maybe that's to show us that we are only here for the blink of an eye to those in heaven. And Eternity with God is something we can barley grasp. Just saying...

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Tropical Depression Mixed Drink 2 oz Vodka, 2 oz Gin, 2 oz Rum, 1 oz Blue Curacao, 1 splash Grenadine, 1 splash Lime Juice, 4-5 oz Sprite or 7up. Pour vodka gin, rum, splash of grenadine, splash of blue curacao and splash of lime juice into a hurricane or highball glass with ice. Last pour sprite or 7up. Stir before drinking.

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Ocean Breeze Cocktail

This Ocean Breeze Cocktail is a fun summer drink for the beach or anywhere you want to pretend is the beach! Add a splash of pineapple or orange juice to make this recipe extra special! YUM!