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"Benson's going to drop his balls!"

My son loves Regular Show.So I love Regular Show! Benson, Mordecai and Riggs!

And the apples. He was also in it for the apples.<<<OMG THE PERSON WHO SAID THAT IS AMASING AWESOME.

I just started watching anime. I am not disappointed.

Correction Ryuk was in it for the apples XD Death Note

Jajajaja LOL,

naruto and friends. I just love how sexual this show is on the low. you really have to pay attention to catch the funny sexual stuff.

Zoo warning signs and what they really mean...the fact that I laughed out loud at these tells me I'm tired :P

Funny pictures about Zoo Warning Signs. Oh, and cool pics about Zoo Warning Signs. Also, Zoo Warning Signs.

A Happy Family 3 Flowey: *aburido* Sans: Nope.          *Perdio* Flowey: Puntoooooooo Toriel: Oh. dios. mio           CHICOS!! Flowey: HUYEN!!!

Yeah its about really about blueberry loving Underfell Sans jacket so much. I just really wanted to draw blueberry with he's jacket, so. I love so much this two!