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What do YOU do if you see animal abuse or neglect?? That's RIGHT: YOU JUST DO SOMETHING! Actions Matter.

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54 Short and Inspirational Family Quotes with Images

Growing up with a Narcissist means it's all about the outer image of a perfect family/ perfect parent. What goes on behind closed doors is not that at all. Often fear tactics are used to "control" and keep the "truth" from being told.

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Ever been ignored by a loved one?

Being ignored causes the same chemical reaction in the brain as experiencing a physical injury. Wow! Heartbreaking.

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Big Cats and Elephants Like Libby Need Your Help at Circus World!

I feel like a lot of people are treated as objects and not people, this picture almost reminds me that I'm someone and I can do anything if I put my mind to it


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Beautiful Butterfly

Close Taiz Zoo and Release All Animals to Sanctuary | The long conflict that has…