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Pitbull dog lacerates smaller dog 'attack' owner when she tries to intervene Couple who visited Boston for a Coldplay concert captured a horrific footage of a pitbull dog as itattacked a small beagle dog then turned to attack the beagle owner who screamed for help as she desperately tried to save her little dog from the jaws of the pitbull. According to Raphael Fortin who uploaded the vicious footage on Youtube he and his girlfriend were about to attend the Coldplay concert when they…

Baha. A majority of people in my life will never know the true me who is truly alive during a Bon Jovi concert.

Taylor's tweet.... Omg I just realized Ingrid is the artist I loved for so long but never knew who she was OMG swiftie moment

After photos circulated showing Harry Styles going to a Coldplay concert last night, we've been trying to identify the mystery girl who was...>>>IT BETTER BE DANIELLE THEY'RE SO CUTE