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Coldplay Concert in Turin: just amazing *-*

from The Huffington Post

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Oh how wonderful that would be...I would marry a boy who bought me tickets to see my favorite band

Reminds me of a friend who is always " hugging the moment" when she has the feeling that right now is a perfect moment.

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. From the studio that brought you Summer Wars. I loved this movie!

DIY::BEST Free Hair Bow Tutorials! Step by Step, So many TUTORIALS !! Easy and fun!

I dedicate this blog to you, the one who never sees the truth that you will never be his girl fa-an girrrl!

Coldplay- Ive been a fan long before eveyone jumped on the bandwagon. There is something melodic and hypnotic about their music that relaxes this hyper girl, more then any other band! I love them!

. . .the guys in my class made list of things they want in a girl, and they specifically put on the list " not obsessed with books, bands, or movies" so yeah that counts me out :)

Never heard of Baby Metal, but looks like there are a lot of babies in the comments who can't handle females actually doing things.