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One time Kíli got very sick. He couldn't even get out of bed but Fíli was always there to help him and make him happy. Until one day, Thorin and Oin told him to spend a little less time whit Kíli. If... It wouldn't turn to the best. Fíli got very angry, but he hadn't much of a choice. The next time he visited Kíli, he couldn't help but to cry. 'Don't worry Fíli, it's going to be ok...' And Kíli was right, after a while he got better. But that time, it was close...

Take it from Rizzo and Pepé the King Prawn: There's no good reason to get out of your pajamas before noon. The Muppets, July 2016

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Archery Hey it's okay, that one arrow won't do any good, but one arrow ALWAYS gets out of your group, form personal experience.

Thranduil:Get out of my way. Tauriel:You think your life is more than theirs? The dwarves will be slaughtered. Thranduil:Yes,they will die.But what does it matter,today,tomorrow,one year hence,they are mortal. Tauriel:There is no love in you. *Thranduil angrily,but quickly slices Tauriel's bow in half and points his sword at her throat* Thranduil:What do you know of love,Nothing!What you feel for that dwarf,is unreal.

Shout out to Daisuke the Green Husky!! I can already tell that when I do get a fursuit, mine is going to come from DontHugCacti! I personally think that they make the absolute best fursuits there is! :3

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“Anyone else freak out when you hear #Shakespeare #Hamiltunes?! @Lin_Manuel, we're obsessed. @HamiltonMusical”

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Marie Antoinette Gets a Royal Makeover at the Chateau Versailles

❦ Joana Vasconcelos - Lilicoptère at the Chateau de Versailles, 2012 Photo: Kisa Lala The Château de Versailles was aflame with the fanfare Marie Antoinette would have expected had she arrived there in a chopper festooned with pink ostrich feathers, throwing cake-crumbs out the window. That's the way artist Joana Vasconcelos envisioned her entrance in her homage to the rock-star princess at the Sun King's former residence.