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Closet physically than mentally, but I'm getting there!

There aren't too many people that will complain if you break out a hot cocoa bar at your next event. In fact, there may not be any individuals who complain. The truth is that you may get some cheers and obvious signs of joy when you present a bevy of chocolate options to your thirsty guests.

from Sara Kurth

Quick Running Tip: Turn Around Point

Quick Running Tip: Have a guilt-free turn around spot. If you still don't want to run when you get there, go home. Its an easy (easier, at least) way to get yourself out the door).


Pumpkin Cake Roll With Cream Cheese Filling

Spider Web Pumpkin Roll

The Orange Ogre will never be president. #VoteBlueAlways #ClintonKaineForAmerica

the Hillary camp and mainstream media are trying to get us to feel like there is no chance for Trump so why bother to vote... Do not let them convince you of that!!!! Vote Trump get out there and vote Trump Let’s Make America Great Again! Are You in? #neverforget #HillaryForPrison

from Spiritually Hungry

7 Tips for Studying Scripture

Want to get more out of Scripture, but not sure how? Maybe a verse or Scripture section confuses you...hey, we've all been there! Understanding Scripture helps you better understand God and can provide a deeper relationship with Him. In this post, provides 7 easy tips for helping you better understand Scripture.

from Fortune

This Nobel Prize Winner Says Donald Trump Doesn't Understand Basic Economics

Nobel Prize winning Economist Joseph Stiglitz gives Trump and "F" on Ecomonimics