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A shirtless Jack Haley | One Body Too Many (1944) | Directed by Frank McDonald; for Paramount

Two versions (of each of the Mayor's emotions) of this TNBC poster by Graham Erwin.


Evolution of the Joker Infographic

The Evolution of the Joker [Infographic]

Evolution of the Joker Infographic

That awkward moment when you realize... Commodore Norrington is the guy from Ultraviolet and Coupling O_O

I know people LOVE Heath Ledger's Joker... but for me Jack Nicholson will always be the (live action) Joker... Mark Hamill is my animated Joker - but that's another story all together...

Jack Haley (1898–1979) The Tin Man in "The Wizard Of Oz" 1939/// photo op: have a very large funnel - children can have their pix made, using the funnel as a hat

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest - I like what Will says in the…