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Yeha, hi, making this quick. I'm Devlin. Koralina's bro. I'm 18, if it helps. Yeah. I'm weird and sorta, kinda, insane. Single if helping.

Taemin ._. I've been exploring SHINee's music for over 7 months now 9/20/14 It's dominantly all I listen to. The famous lxxxfer era's title song makes me want to get up and dance, I'm obsessed with Obsession, Quasimodo is so lovely. Up and Down is odd but I love it, lastly Ready Or Not is just as much fun to listen to as Doo Bop. I can't understand the lyrics, I still have much to learn about Korean Culture, but for definite sure I love SHINee.

I loved finding this actual quote from Keanu Reeves because it was so appropriate to the film and much of Philip K. Dick's work. ____________________ 'I'm Mickey Mouse. They don't know who's inside the suit.' -Keanu Reeves ____________________ Keanu Reeves seems like a genuinely awesome dude. Part of the above image comes from #tw #pimg